Iceland 2017

Iceland 2017


I spent more than a decade directing music videos, shooting models and partying like a rockstar - It also took me that long to learn that my job doesn't have to be my life. 

I finally hit a wall and realized that the 'staying up late and waking up late' lifestyle didn't work for me anymore. My job felt toxic, my relationships strained, and my mind overstimulated. How did I fix it? I started clearing house. First focusing on my physical vices (booze, drugs, food & sex) and then working on my headspace; patience, acceptance, self-awareness and self-love.

What I learned is that at my core I love to explore - When I see a high point in the distance, my gut instinct is "you need to climb it." I felt much more comfortable spending my money on a flight then I did spending it on a fancy dinners or new clothes. I LIKE fancy dinners and new clothes but they didn't bring me sustainable joy. So I took my camera, my 12 years of marketing knowledge and my new outlook on life and I started exploring the world. 

On this site you'll find some of my work, updates about my life, tips for adventuring, and soon I'll be launching my 'DavyDoes' section of the site where I'll embark on personal journeys and set goals for myself and keep you in the loop! 30 days without sugar, 1 week without talking, a day with my phone off. If you have any ideas tweet me! 

The motto is NO MORE FOMO!  





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