Car Free & Care Free

I don't hate driving, but I HATE driving in the city. There's very few things that make my blood boil; I don't mind lines at the grocery store, if somewhere is too crowded I'll happily leave, if someone is late, I am patient, but if somebody cuts me off, tailgates me, speeds up to stop lights or forgets to signal smoke starts coming out of my ears! - So, I eliminated driving. No more car payments, no more looking for parking, no insurance to deal with, just a man with a bicycle and I couldn't be happier.

The downside to not having a car (and it's a major one) is not being able to escape the city. I can't just pop up the coast to Big Sur or take a trip out into the desert - this can be extremely frustrating, especially when I need some much cherished alone time. 

SO! My point is.....I've found ways to escape without a car. Sometimes it's just a hike up Griffith Park, other times I go and meditate in the cemetery on a weekday (there's nobody there but there ARE peacocks) and when I need a little more adventure, I've found some campsites I can get to with a couple of bus transfers and a good old fashioned hike. The one pictured above is the Musch campground in Topanga State Park. It's a simple hike-in campground, usually pretty empty and surrounded by some awesome views and hikes. Stay tuned for a video of my public transit adventure to Musch campground. If it works out, expect me in a city near you to find all the best carless campsites and getaways!