Sweet Potato Shakshuka

Maybe not the prettiest meal I've ever made, but I just wrapped on set directing a 25 person crew with a 6am call time and my appetite is HUGE! Had some midday brunch inspiration! 

I boiled a sweet potato for 10 minutes until soft enough to cut while I diced up tomatoes, garlic and onions (keeping the tomatoes separate). Then I added the tomatoes and a gang of olive oil to a saute pan until it was saucy, added salt and pepper and put on low.

I cut the sweet potato (I only used half) into little half inch pieces of various sizes and along with some more oil turned the flame up and threw them on with the now tomato sauce! Once the started browning I added the minced garlic and onions. 

I gave it about 5 minutes to start getting crispy, I shuffled all the contents of the pan over to one side and cracked 3 eggs right on top; 2 would probably be fine. I added salt, pepper, turmeric and cinnamon and covered for 3-4 minutes without peaking! I then removed the pan from the heat, let sit for a minute before uncovering it, and then slid the whole mess onto a plate. Add Hot Sauce to taste! BOOM!